Living green is not just a trend. It’s about preserving our planet and ensuring that the air that we breathe and the lakes that we swim in will remain clean for the next generation. Eco-friendly housing is gaining momentum in the real estate market. Green homes make use of energy efficient appliances, advanced technology and renewable energy systems to lower costs for utilities and to create more sustainable living.

If you are looking to purchase a green home, look for these features:

Natural Lighting

Many green homes have large windows that allow ample natural ventilation and light. This not only enhances your home, but it also helps maintain temperature, reducing the need for costly air cooling. Green homes also have water-saving systems such as rainwater harvesting that captures and stores natural rainfall for later use.

Renewable Energy

Solar panels are typically installed in eco-friendly houses to harness the power of the sun, thereby reducing the impact of fossil fuels. Solar energy can also be used to supply power to appliances as well as heat your home, which can result in a significant reduction in carbon emissions in the long run.

Ask your local realtor about green homes if looking for one. They can provide more details on these environmentally friendly and sustainable properties. Green homes are becoming more popular with buyers of homes and could even qualify for tax credits that could significantly offset your purchase price.

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